3 months before your wedding!

Oh! So, you have only 3 months left in your wedding? Well, clearly, you don’t have too much time left and let me guess, most of the important decisions need to be taken urgently. We understand your struggle. Because you are not alone my dear. Let’s get you organized a bit.

  1. Make a list of all the pending things. If you keep a record of everything that you have to do, the journey would be a lot easier. Remember, planning and keeping a track of everything saves you a lot from troubles that may arise at the end moment.
  2. Divide everything into categories and sections
  3. Allot your time to each section (like 5th of Nov, you plan to go for the Jewellery shopping, 8th Nov you plan to go for saree shopping and so on)
  4. Save and create a wish list (Lehenga designs, blouse designs etc)
  5. Show your family what kind of decor you expect so that you are satisfied with everything at your wedding (After all it’s your wedding)
  6. Start working out (it’s never too late to be in shape)
  7. Eat wisely (avoid Bahar ka khaana and start relying more on fruits and Maa ka khaana)
  8. Don’t stress out and try to chill more. Spend time with your family, friends and most importantly yourself. (Go for movies, salon or whatever you enjoy)
  9. Take care of your body (Take frequent sessions with your dermatologists, skin clinics and parlor vali aunty)
  10. Try to schedule everything smartly. Take the help of your friends and family for getting certain things done. Delegate unimportant work.

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Photos by Razz Nishchal

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