Confessions of a Bride-to-be in conversation with Richa Thakkar

Recently, we came across the talented Makeup Artist Richa Thakar with whom we had an amazing conversation about her work and passion. Richa says, “I love when people love themselves and I give them one more reason by making their special day more special and that’s the reason Iโ€™ve spent last 3 years doing what I love i.e makeup. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is amazing but a little makeover is cherry on the cake and it’s fun too!”
Read more on what Richa told us about her work and expertise in the Makeup Industry.

1. How did you start your career in this industry? What inspired you to take Makeup as your profession?
Richa: I started my journey as a make-up artist 3 years back while I was doing my graduation. I always had it inside me to do something in this industry and I decided to take up makeup artistry. Today I have a team of 8 people and I take up destination Weddings all over India as well as overseas weddings as well.

2. What is that one thing that you would suggest to every bride to be for her D-day?
Richa: I would suggest my bride to take a deep breath and relax. I give her set of instructions to follow before her wedding day to keep her skin healthy and ready for her special day.

3. What is the basic skin care routine a bride to be should adopt?
Richa: I have handful of advice for those who have wedding lined up in the coming weeks: Wash your face with a mild face wash that suits you (Twice a day).

-Use moisturizer daily before sleeping.

-Always apply sunscreen before getting in direct touch with sun (Every 4 hours you can reapply sunscreen SPF 30 preferred)

– Clean your phone with sanitizer every 2 days.

– Have good sleep (Min 7 hours recommended)

– Don’t take stress. It directly reflects on your face.

– Avoid smoking and drinking. If you can avoid curb the intake.

4. What are the things that make people choose you as their Makeup artist? What is so special about being your bride?
Richa: Most of my clients choose me for the x factor I bring to the table. I modify the look as per the attire and as per clients demand without compromising on the quality. I have never repeated the same look on other bride’s. It’s always exclusive when it’s done by me and I teach my students the same ideology. There will always be some changes that I make on the wedding day to enhance the look. As every skin tone, quality of skin, attire differs. So I adopt to changes like no one else.

You can get in touch with Richa on Instagram. Their Instagram handle is: @richa_thakkar26
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