Interview with Prabjot Kaur, Co-founder of Cotton pies

Prabjot Kaur, the co-founder at Cotton pies, speaks about the inspiration and magic behind the beautifully woven footwear of Cotton pies. She believes that footwear can enhance your overall look and give you the right confidence. At Cotton Pies, they customize the footwear according to your requirements as well. It’s a great place if you are looking for a place where you can tell them what is your dream pair and they will give you exactly that. Take a look what Prabjot has to say more on this!

When was Cottonpies established and what is the inspiration behind it?

Prabjot: Cotton Pies was established in May 2018. It was during my search for a particular Jutti that I realized I can create my own designs. And since it has been my passion to design my dresses and accessories, so I pounced upon this chance to make beautiful Juttis and share them with everyone.

What kind of products do you sell? What’s your area of expertise?

Prabjot: At present We have Traditional Wear, Trendy Wear, Daily Wear, Brogues Jutti, Printed Jutti and EcoRange collection. I love all my collection. I like designing Printed, Traditional and Trendy collection over others as it gives me creative freedom. We have also experimented with Our Brogues collection. Brogues jutti is a relatively new concept and they are very chic. Its a fusion of traditional and western designs. The quality of raw material used by us in our products is almost unprecedented at this price point.

What is that one thing that makes you stand out in the market?

Prabjot: Our dedication to maintaining Quality of products and service is what makes us stand out. We have priced our products very competitively. Same or similar quality is selling for double the price online but then we want to spread smiles ๐Ÿ™‚ We also cater to individual requirements by taking orders of customized products(Jutti & Clutches at present). We custom products with color and designs to match your dress on your special day. Of course, it comes with a price but then Special days don’t come every day, do they?

What is the best way for a customer to contact you? Do you ship everywhere in India?

Prabjot: The best way to contact us is via our Instagram page i.e. Instagram/Cottonpiesjutti or find our products on Amazon India by searching ‘Cotton Pies Jutti’. All our products are Cataloged at to look at one go.

We ship pan India via DTDC. And now, since our selected products are available on, our clients can make use of Amazon services as well for placing orders and payment options.

You can get in touch with Cotton Pies and get your favorite pair ordered or customized. Their Instagram handle is: @cottonpiesjutti
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