5 things you’ll relate to if you are getting married in a few weeks

Yay! So you’re counting days to your wedding? To add to your excitement, here are the top 5 things that are sure to amuse you immediately.

Getting married is the biggest decision of one’s life and it is a journey which is sure to give you tears of joy with your loved ones. Read the top 5 things that a bride-to-be experiences a few weeks before the wedding day.

1. Your Instagram “Saved” folder is growing insane with all the saved posts

You are in a mood to save everything that you like on Instagram. All the gorgeous dresses, Makeup, hairstyles, designs and what not! Your following have doubled because you’re following every other wedding blog page so that you don’t miss out on anything.

P.s. we hope Confessions of a bride-to-be is in your Following list too! Not to be missed, ladies.

2. You’re taking notes from all the newly weds

You’re trying to take out more information about life after marriage from all the ladies who just got married recently. You find yourself engaged in after-marriage conversations before you actually get married. You are making a note of all the advices from the married ladies and saving it for the later.

3. You feel overwhelmed with love, emotions and SHOPPING!

Yes, you are feeling overwhelmed with everything around you. You have this tornado of emotions within you that is impossible to hide. You are trying to make the most of the last few days as a bachelorette with your family and friends. You are exploring places to shop for your trousseau and you have the longest list possible made for shopping but now the time constraint makes you panic sometimes. You want to live these moments forever but the fear of unknown haunts you sometime because admit it or not, life is certainly going to change soon.

4. You want to learn cooking when all you merely know is how to turn the gas on (weeps!)

You make yourself realise everyday that it’s high time to learn cooking and then you postpone the urge till next day because why not! Deep in your heart, you know that you wouldn’t move until you get the reality check of being the BAHU of the house.

5. You’re making plans with your fiance most of the time

You’re so excited about living with the love of your life that you can’t spend a minute without thinking about your life together. You’re making plans and can’t wait to fulfill them after your wedding.

So aren’t these things exactly the same that you’ve been thinking of lately? If yes, share this post with your friends to the maximum. Know any friend who’s getting married soon? share this with her too. It will make her smile.
For more amazing and real-time articles, stay tuned with confessions of a bride to be on Social media platforms.

Image credits: Unknown (You can claim for credits if it belongs to you)

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