Interview with Shreya Batra

Shreya is a super talented Makeup Artist trained from New York who is currently dolling up women in Delhi. We spoke to Shreya about a few things and got to know so much about skincare, bridal makeups and of course her story. Take a look.

1. How did you start your career in this industry? What inspired you to take Makeup as your profession?

Shreya: I was a Personality Development Teacher before I moved to U.S.A!

Makeup as my career was a gift from America only because, I experimented with new styles and looks over there and it empowered me with passion to follow it as my career.

I learned all the techniques over there and helped people in transforming there looks to be more confident in their lives and in their own skin.

2. What is that one thing that you would suggest to every bride to be for her D-day?

Shreya: D-day is the word itself which describe its special meaning in every bride’s life!!

I would definitely recommend every bride around the globe to just be confident and stress free !! Most importantly be you , because it’s your day to celebrate love!!

Be calm , keep smiling because you are beautiful in your own way!!

3. What is the basic skin care routine a bride to be should adopt?

Shreya: One should always keep their skin dirt free so follow three simple steps in your daily regime that is:

Cleanse : use good non-drying products!

Exfoliate : it removes dead skin and helps in circulation of blood in your face area!

Moisturize : Yes your skin needs moisturizer because it is essential for hydration of your skin!!

4. What are the things that a bride to be should keep in mind before finalizing a Makeup artist?

Shreya: I would strongly say that let someone touch your skin whom you feel comfortable with and confident with , there has to be a bond between you and your makeup artist so that your makeup needs are understood the way you want them to working for you. A good makeup artist will be like your best friend helping you to look beautiful so that he can be proud of you and will celebrate that big occasion of yours like his own!!

You can get in touch with her on her Instagram handle @kiya215_18
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