Q&A with Makeup Artist Niaa Rajput

Niaa Rajput is a popular Makeup Artist and the owner of Karma, the Salon in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. Niaa’s work has gained huge appreciation in Delhi-NCR area and she truly deserves all of it. We got to know Niaa closely recently and she told us a lot of important things for all the brides. Keep reading below to see what we spoke to her.

1. What is that one thing that you would suggest every bride to be for her D-day?
Niaa: I’d suggest that brides should try to stay Happy & Calm.

2. What is the basic skin care routine a bride to be should adopt?

Niaa: Exfoliating , cleansing , moisturising and locking all that moisture wid a good sheet mask !!

3. How did you acquire the expertise in makeups?

Niaa: I started my journey with Pearl academy of fashion in New Delhi , and have never stopped learning !! I have traveled the world and tried to learn as much as possible from different states and cultures !! All I can say that working in this industry for more than 14 years now , learning and upgrading yourself is an on going process !!!

4. Why should a Bride choose you for her d-day? What makes you unique?

Niaa: I personally believe that makeup should be an extention of You , poeple should always compliment u by saying “U look Beautiful” and not ohh u r wearing Makeup , they should look the best version of themselves !! I love to bring out my clients personality and make them feel like the most beautiful people in the world !!

5. What inspired you to take up Makeup as your profession?

Niaa: I have always been amazed by how makeup can completely transform a person physically and mentally !! I love the positivity makeup can bring in someones life and nothing is better than making someone feel the most beautiful !! I am so thankful to all my clients who trust me on the most important day of their lives !! Nothing can feel better than that ❤

See Niaa’s work in this video.

You can follow Niaa Rajput on Instagram @makeupbyniaarajput to see more of his amazing work . Follow Confessions of a Bride to be on Instagram for more amazing blogs: @confessions_bride_to_be

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