Bride and Beautiful, a perfect destination for brides

Bride & Beautiful is India’s first ‘Made to Measure’ Western Bridal Boutique Chain, and their pioneering efforts continue with their unique and high quality products. They have a special emphasis on customer service as Bride & Beautiful endeavors to be a part of your wedding dress story. Look no further as they are the one stop shop for all your bridal needs.

We got in touch with Kimi and Peter, the founders of Bride and Beautiful Couture to know their story and it turned out to be a fabulous experience for us as we get to share it with you. Read on to know how Bride & Beautiful became the new dream destination for brides looking out for dream dresses.

1. Tell us something about Bride and Beautiful. How did it start?

Kimi: It all started with my very own wedding dress. On some research I discovered that there weren’t as many choices or options available for Christian / Western bridal wear in Delhi. My husband Peter who has been in the garment export business encouraged me to develop a few styles in my own style and language, and with his help and collaborated ideas and efforts four styles emerged quite successfully , much to our surprise. Something told us that this could very well be a business avenue. Thereafter we channeled all our focus and abilities towards the creation of the first collection of Gowns which quickly turned into a myriad of different Styles and techniques as we progress.

2. What inspires you while creating the designs?
Kimi: Inspiration finds the one who seeks it, this had always been our mantra and it has worked for us so far. Our key inspiration of silhouettes has undoubtedly been from the Victorian era with corsets and flared skirts. Apart from that, we find inspiration from everything around us, be it nature, birds, trees, art and even architecture. Fundamentally, it is our ability to combine different ideas to form a whole and unique expression with a dash of subtlety that makes us identifiably different and fresh in the minds of consumers.

3. How long have you been in this industry and how has the journey been?
Kimi: we are a very young brand. We have only recently completed 2 years on the ground but our journey has been nothing short of magical. Over the past 2 years our brand has grown exponentially with no signs of slowing down and I have all my brides to thank for not just making our journey a successful one but also one that is personally enriching.

4. What would you like to say to all the brides to be about their wedding attires, dresses etc?
Kimi: Most brides I meet are tensed, skeptical and confused when shopping for their wedding attire. My message to them is simple… “take it easy, shopping for your wedding attire is supposed to be a fun-filled, exciting and exhilarating experience. Not a duty to perform but a memory to cherish. Your day is all about YOU, the attire is only an extension of who you are.”

You can visit their website to contact them or follow them on Instagram @brideandbeautifulcouture. Follow Confessions of a Bride to be on Instagram for more amazing blogs: @confessions_bride_to_be.

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