Q&A with Makeup Artist Ridhima Talwar

Sparkle by Ridhima Talwar is a well-known name in the makeup world. Ridhima Talwar is a Freelance makeup artist who was awarded the Best Makeup Artist 2017 in Delhi-NCR and she will ensure to make you look one-of-a-kind as a bride by providing the best of her services. Ridhima also provides image consulting to her brides to be.

1. What is that one thing that you would suggest to every bride to be for her D-day?
I suggest my brides to stay calm and happy on their D-Day. Brides should avoid stress to enjoy each and every single moment of that special day.

2. What is the basic skin care routine a bride to be should adopt?
I suggest my brides-to-be to take care of their skin in 3 months advance, as the process of ‘skin-repair’ takes time. Using serums, essential oils, sunscreen, exfoliating are very important with this. I suggest them to stay hydrated (drinking water, vitamins, coconut water) to look flawless\n \non the D-Day, I also tell them the process of CTM to keep the skin clean and hydrated.

3. How did you acquire the expertise in makeups?
When I was a kid I used to spoil my mother’s expensive lipsticks by putting them all over my face. I Started my career in 2015 as a Professional Makeup Artist. I am Internationally Certified by TIMA, AOFM and AashmeenMunjaals Star Academy. Makeup Artistry is my passion and since then I’m mastering this art.

4. Why should a Bride choose you for her d-day? What makes you unique?
Choosing a right makeup artist is very important as it’s the big day for the bride. In my discussions with the brides, I always ask them their regular routine, type of skin, complexion and to understand what she is demanding for her D-day. If required I ask them to change or add some skin care products to their routine. I’m always available on a phone call for my brides if they need my help in selecting their D-day attire, jewelry etc. Also, I ensure that I leave no stone unturned to make my bride look simply beautiful. Hence, the Brides should choose me.

My humble, friendly, helping nature, calm attitude and innovative ideas makes me unique.

5. What inspired you to take up Makeup as your profession?
I love makeup. I am always ready to dress a face with my innovative ideas. I love to enhance the natural beauty of a face. My magical imaginary world inspires me and so I chose to become a professional makeup artist.

Get in touch with Ridhima Talwar on Instagram @mua.ridhima. Follow Confessions of a Bride to be on Instagram for more amazing blogs: @confessions_bride_to_be.

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