Q&A with Makeup Artist Goldy Hunjan

Goldy Hunjan is a well known name in Ludhiana, having around 13 years of experience in the Makeup industry. He is certified from Kryolan, US and has worked with many Bollywood Makeup Artists too. We asked a few questions to Goldy about his Makeups and experience in this industry. Take a look below to read what he has to say to all the brides to be.

1. How and when did your journey as a makeup Artist begin?

Goldy: I had inclination towards artistry from the very beginning. I started my career as a professional makeup artist in 2005 after completion of my certified course from Krylon Academy(US certified). Since then, I have focused on makeups and hairstyling.

2. What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Goldy: My professional approach, innovative ideas, humble nature and calm attitude sets me apart from other makeup artists.

3. What is your advice for brides as far as their beauty routine is concerned?

Goldy: Everyone should focus on having proper balanced diet in their routine along physical fitness. If your body is fit from Inside, it will be reflected on your face.keep your body always hydrated and avoid using strong chemicals and use original beauty products.

4. How should a bride-to-be choose her makeup artist for her D-day?

Goldy: One should thoroughly check the profile of makeup artist by studying the reviews of the clients for better understanding the performance of the artist. Bride must ensure that make up artist uses authentic products and maintains hygienic conditions around.

5. What is the best way for a bride to contact you?

Goldy: Since it is 21st century and time is valuable, the best way to contact me through whatsapp , my Facebook page and Instagram. I am always active on all the social medias.

Check out some of the Makeups done by Goldy Hunjan in the video below.

You can follow Goldy Hunjan on Instagram: @goldyhunjanmakeupartist to get in touch with him for your enquiries and bookings.

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